Blue Guru Games began in 2021, when we had the chance to bring our years of experience with casino operators and game providers to create something new.

We met while working together at other gaming companies and spent a lot of time playing the latest games and discussing the industry.

As we talked, it became clear that we shared a vision and that we could work together to address what we saw as a gap in the iGaming market. Our friendship had grown as we shared stories about our hobbies, interests and lives. We discussed the music we liked, the books we read and adventures on our travels. As we had become friends by sharing stories, we knew that storytelling had to be at the heart of our own company.

Our common love for interesting stories, history and philosophy gave us a solid foundation for our game content. The name Blue Guru was suggested and resonated with us all. We imagined a mystical figure that travels through Time and Space, finding new stories to tell and games to play. He was perfect.

Why did the idea come to us then? Maybe it was the discussion of Eastern Philosophy or the music (Sgt Peppers was playing at the time). Or perhaps the Universe was trying to tell us something…Though we invented the Blue Guru, he also inspired us. You see, there are ancient Eastern ideas that whatever you do in life, you should do it playfully, but wholeheartedly, with full awareness and attention. It’s in this spirit that we make our games – we think he’d appreciate that.

Since 2021, we’ve grown our team by looking for talented people with their own interesting stories. We’re lucky to work alongside colleagues who want to make the best games they can, working hard to come up with intriguing storylines, fantastic graphics and captivating music.

Just as we learned about each other by sharing our stories, we hope our games will help people learn more about the world. You’ll see that some of our titles are based on historical events, others are twists on myths and legends and there are games about real life and fantasy too.We encourage you to explore the stories and events that inspired all of them.

Thanks for being part of our story and letting us be a part of yours.
Peace and Luck!



Blue Guru Games began when a group of friends with a long history in the iGaming industry decided to get together and offer something new to players.

Blue Guru embodies the passions of the team for mythology, history, folk tales, spirituality and all things esoteric. Passions that are reflected in the games.

We create games with engaging stories, innovative mechanics, exciting gameplay and amazing audio.
We hope you enjoy playing them.

The Blue Guru was jointly inspired by the gurus of the Himalayas and The Beatles.

The foothills of the mountains are home to many ascetics who choose to live in seclusion from the world for decades at a time. Some of them are believed to be of great age and to possess Yogic powers.

Chief among them is Mahavatar Babaji who became widely known in the west following the release of Yogananda’s book The Autobiography of a Yogi.
It’s said to be the only book that Steve Jobs ever downloaded onto his iPad and inspired him to travel to India in search of enlightenment, a trip which had a profound effect on him. Babaji meanwhile made it onto the fantastic psychedelic cover of The Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album (a favourite in the office).

You’ll find a lot of the inspiration behind the Blue Guru brand reflected in many of our games.

We hope you enjoy them! Peace and Luck.
The Blue Guru team.