Treasure of Tengshe - 2nd August 2022


The villagers are loudly celebrating a festival with firecrackers and fireworks.
Even the mighty flying serpent Tengshe is in celebratory mood as he chases their rockets through the sky and greedily devours them while growing in size with each one and leaving a trail of good fortune in his wake..

Bonus game rules:

Tensghe is Wild.
As free spins begin Tengshe will spawn at a length of 2 symbols.
On each free spin, between 0 and 3 fireworks land on the reels.
Tensghe will take the shortest route to the firework(s). With each firework consumed, he grows 1 additional symbol in length.
Fireworks can also have multipliers attached.


Standard markets Bluehorn: UK, Malta, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Ontario & Greece

Game Info


Volatility: High


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