Reel Big Fish - July 2022


Nobody tells tall tales quite like fishermen.

Take to the sea in search of a big catch and even bigger stories about the ones that got away in: Reel Big Fish.

Game features:

Base Feature

If a Wild symbol is present, each Fish symbol pays a random cash prize. Multipliers are added to the cash prizes for each additional wild. 2 wilds = x2 prize value.

Free Spins

3 scatters or more starts free spins. Golden Scatter activates column at level 3.
A meter above each reel shows a value of 0-3. Each Scatter increases the value above the corresponding reel (to a maximum of 3).
There are 3 levels of fish values, which are collected via the activation levels of columns.
The Golden Scatter will increase the meter to 3 immediately. (and trigger free spins)?
Each scatter also adds a free spin.

Feature Buy

Players can buy into the bonus round directly. There are 3 levels of bonus buy with 3, 4 and 5 scatter free round entry guaranteed.


Standard markets Bluehorn: UK, Malta, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Ontario & Greece

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